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John Goli


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Humble Beginnings

At only 16 years old, John Goli opened the first Quality Shoe Repair in Westchester, California in 1973.


After two years of successful business in his 600 square-foot shop, John decided to cater to the demanding crowd in Beverly Hills.


After opening a new shop in West Santa Monica in 1975, John turned his shop into one of the most well-known shoe repair shops of West Los Angeles.


With his extensive knowledge of shoe repair, John quickly won the hearts of his customers.

A Brief Retirement

In 2005, after 32 years in the business, John thought it was time to step away from the hustle and bustle of West Los Angeles.


He retired to Henderson, Nevada.


But after two years of retirement, he noticed two things.


One: He wanted back into the shoe repair business.

"Boot Mobiles"

After 40 years, John Goli and his trusted team of experts know shoes, leather, and luggage better than anyone else around.


With quality service, free estimates, and personal care, it's no wonder Quality Shoe Repair & Luggage is a customer favorite! Stop by today to check out our extensive selection of leather goods. You can also check us out on eBay.


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Old shop Quality Shoe Repair & Luggage Shop

Back in 1979, John decided he didn't want to just have the best shoe repair shop, he also

wanted to have the most memorable.


He's created five shoe-shaped cars over the last 30 years, including one that looks like a yellow high-heeled shoe and another that looks like a heavy-duty work boot.

Two: There weren't any near his home.


And that's how he decided upon the current location of today's Quality Shoe Repair & Luggage.

The Rest Is History

John Goli


Quality happens at Quality Shoe Repair & Luggage.

Leather shoes

You read that right. Automobiles that look like shoes.