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Whatever leather problems you're facing, you'll find the repairs here. At Quality Shoe Repair & Luggage, you'll find:

• Leather jacket cleaning and refurbishing

• Jacket and vest patching and patch application

• Zipper repair and replacement

• Leather sofa cleaning, refinishing, and patching,

• Golf bag cleaning and refinishing

• Leather automotive upholstery cleaning and refinishing

• Purse repair and refurbishment

• Luggage repair and refurbishment including:

  • Wheel replacement

  • Retractable handle repair

  • Zipper repair

Leather bag Leather repair


No one handles leather like Quality Shoe Repair & Luggage.

Anything Leather

Add years to your expensive leather purchase by bringing it to Quality Shoe Repair & Luggage.


Whether your purse strap is torn or your suitcase handle broke, you'll find the answers you're looking for.


If it's leather, you can rest assured it's in good hands.


Have a leather couch that needs cleaning but is too big to bring in? No problem! We'll be happy to pick it up and deliver it back home when it's finished.


If it's leather, we've got you covered!


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